Using Prompting With An AI Video Editor

Storylines AI finds awesome highlights in your footage with your guidance through the prompting feature. But if you want to refine the topics that the AI covers, you can re-prompt the AI to find even more specific highlights, depending on your preference. Storylines then seamlessly exports those highlights to Premiere, Resolve, and Final Cut Pro, or even an .mp4 for quick uploading.

Robbie Janney
May 31, 2024

Imagine you’ve uploaded a video to Storylines. If you enter a simple summary of your video, the AI will do a pretty good job of editing a wide range of clips. But, story crafting is an iterative process and you might have a particular angle or topic you want to anchor the edit on.

Maybe you were there for the recording of the original interview and you remember the specific topics that your interviewee talked about

You can ask Storylines AI to focus on this topic by entering a story prompt when you import your file. That’s why Storylines has the prompting feature, where you can directly talk to the AI and guide it to cut clips around a story.

But, say you need to cover a whole range of topics for multiple outputs you have in mind.

So we made this fancy new button that we call RePrompt.

How Does Storylines Re-Prompting Work? 

Let’s put this into action -  you are editing an interview, and you would like to release multiple highlights - all covering different topics. 

Once you’ve combed through your first batch of clips, you can now reprompt our AI to get a whole new batch of clips depending on what context you give it. Then after a few moments, Storylines AI will add a new collection of clips to your project, named after the prompt you gave it. You can keep inputting new prompts to create collections of clips, depending on the context you provide the AI.

This is perfect for organizing your highlights, finding the best clips for specific topics, and making sure that you’ve got the cream of the crop to post to your socials. 

You can export to landscape and vertical mp4, great for those phone-based social media sites.

As always, you can seamlessly export to premiere, fcp, resolve, to refine your edit further and add those extra layers of polish that a pro editor expects on a final output. 

So if you’re looking for more control over your AI selected highlights, Storylines’ prompting features put you in the driver's seat to get the best possible clips faster and more efficiently. 

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