Automatic Horizontal to Vertical Video With AI

Automatically turn horizontal video to vertical with AI in just a few clicks. Export to .mp4 or your favorite video editing software.

Robbie Janney
July 5, 2024

For this week's episode of Storylines University, we're diving into a new storylines feature: vertical Video export.

Do you struggle with converting videos for social media? Right now, none of the major NLEs offer automatic vertical reframing with multiple subjects and B-roll. I've only seen reframing on a target of interest, but that only takes one point of interest into account. As someone who's done a lot of editing work for podcasts and conference videos, one of my most requested edits is creating vertical videos for social media.

When they make cameras, they didn't really account for the fact that people would be watching daily content on a screen that's rotated 90 degrees. So I blame the Lumiere brothers for not predicting the future. Everyone these days wants to be a TikTok star, so if you want to get paid as an editor, you got to get pretty familiar with creating 1080 by 1920 sequences and doing a ton of reformatting.

So to make your life a little bit easier, storylines has an AI feature that automatically reformat your videos to vertical aspect ratio that you can export as an MP4, or even export as a sequence to edit further in your editing software.

And yes, I said automatically, like you don't need to crop in position, duplicate the video crop faces, position captions, and all the other tedious tasks that come along with vertical reframing.

Converting your Horizontal Video To Vertical In Storylines

First, upload your longform video to storylines. Give our AI a prompt. You can be as specific or vague as you want, depending on the highlights you're looking to receive. For more info on prompting, check out this video:

You'll get back some great highlights from the AI. If you want to make any tweaks in your highlights, you can do so with a text editor.

If you're looking to spice up your social media reel, you can add B-roll to your video to give your viewers additional visual material to soak up that sweet, sweet content. Don't have any applicable B-roll to your topic? You can add a minecraft playthrough. That's what the cool kids are doing these days.

To customize your captions to fit your brand a bit more, press the CC button on the top right and you'll be able to change the colors in the font of your captions. One more info in your captions. We've got a video for that too, in this or that corner. When you're real exports, it'll be overlaid on a color matte.

So choose a color that fits your style using this button. When you feel cool, confident, and collected about your reel, it's time to export that bad boy. Click export on the top right, select Vertical Video, click export and your vertical video will begin to be packaged by our AI.

After the AI finishes taping the top and carefully placing a little kiss on the top of the package, just like he does with every single one that leaves storylines office - they will send it over to your email in just a couple of minutes. Then, download the video and upload it to your preferred channels to rake in that sweet influencer cash.

If you're looking to refine your video a bit more, you can always export your vertical video to your favorite video editing software.

Automatic Horizontal to Vertical Video With AI and Premiere

Automatic Horizontal to Vertical Video With AI and Final Cut

Automatic Horizontal to Vertical Video With AI and Resolve

Import the XML that storyline sends over to you and you'll see under the 1080x1920 sequence, your video will already be reformatted for you. They all come as individual layers so you can edit them as you see fit. Since the major NLEs don't offer this type of AI edit, storylines makes it as simple as a one button export to get a vertical video on the fly.

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